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Unreal Tournament 2004

UTXMP -- Unreal Tournament Expanded Multiplayer. A port of U2XMP to the supported UT2004 platform.


Unreal 2: Expanded Multiplayer (XMP)

U2XMP WebAdmin -- Web-based administration tool for XMP servers; included in XMP public releases and Unreal 2: Special Edition.
XMPTE -- Part of the XMP Community Bonus Pack. Enhances the XMP experience without violating core gameplay, featuring robust features suitable for competition. Planned features include player ready signaling, in-game administration, simplified votekick, and teamsay macros.
Expanded Lawn Darts -- The product of extended design focusing on game depth and playability.


Unreal 2

U2 Mod Menu -- Unreal 2 didn't come with any support for 3rd party materials straight out of the box. This modification fixes that. Users may use the Mod menu to load custom gametypes (including the unfinished Botmatch code Legend left intact at shipping time), as well as maps and mutators. Mod developers may use the mod menu to run their content without the use of a command-line, console command, or external batch file. Developers with previous Unreal Engine experience should feel right at home.
This is a work in progress, so feel free to send me bug reports and suggestions. Feedback from U2 mod makers in particular is welcome and encouraged.


Unreal Tournament 2003

Unreal Illustrator -- An Unreal-based paint program.
Seismic CTF -- CTF. The way it was meant to be. Someone at Epic thought this was worth some money.
Overload -- Based on the Quake 3: Team Arena gametype of the same name. Helped out with bot support in v.110
WaterWorld -- Fills a level with water.
Classic Domination -- for those who miss the rat-race feel of UT1 Dom. UPDATED 3 FEB 2003. This thing allegedly made its way on to the PC Format (UK?) #147 coverdisc. Check it out if you don't have the bandwidth for a 10kb download.
LensFlare -- a mutator which renders proper lens flare effects (as opposed to coronas) on the client's HUD.
Loaded -- players start with all weapons (or an administrator-configured loadout) and ammo.
SelfDamage -- affect how much (or little) damage a player can inflict upon himself.
The last two may be used as the building blocks for a slightly larger project.


Unreal Tournament

Marathon: Resurrection -- Somewhere in the heavens... they are STILL waiting.
King of the Hill -- Stand on the hill. Don't die.
ULynx -- UWindows-based web-browser.



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