ULynx: The UWindows Web Browser

v1.0 Initial Release

ULynx is a web browser for use with the UWindows environment for Unreal Tournament. It is TEXT-BASED (hence the Lynx reference), using the rudimentary HTML parsing routines built-in with the the UWindows ServerBrowser, so don't expect anything flashy like tables or JavaScript. It's entirely possible that it may not even load some sites at all -- larger ones exceed the capacity of the TextArea buffer or something. Blame progress.

Download ULynx. Put all the files in your UnrealTournament/System folder. Run UT. ULynx is opened by selecting "ULynx" from the Mod menu. The ULynx browser window will open. If you've made it to this page without any problems, you should be able to figure out what to do next.

Planned improvements include bugfixes, Forward/Back buttons, bookmarks, and better HTML support. All contingent on how much time and energy real life allows.

Questions, comments: direct them to Jason Yu (jasonyu@boilingpoint.com)

By installing this mod (hereon referred to as "ULynx") you agree with the following DISCLAIMER. If you have already installed "ULynx" and do NOT agree with the following DISCLAIMER, then please UNINSTALL "ULynx" from your PC.

DISCLAIMER: "ULynx" comes with no guarantee or warrantee (implied or otherwise), and as such I take no responsibility (implied or otherwise) for difficulties or problems (directly or indirectly) that result in using "ULynx", or with Unreal Tournament© after you install it.

DISTRIBUTION: You may distribute "ULynx" freely, provided that the files contained in the distributed archive remain intact and unchanged. "ULynx" is ©2001 Jason Yu.

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